How to Install a Metal Roof

Metal Roofing – Long Service Life Metal roofing is a good idea for any home and a welcome addition to any roof because it is strong and lasts a long time. Metal is durable and weather resistant, and is even the most fire resistant material used for roofing. Unlike wood shingles or clay tiles, metal… Continue reading How to Install a Metal Roof

The Roofing Process

Roof Installation The roofing process is pretty easy with us. We do everything and while you sit back and drink an ice cold glass of lemonade. Nothing could be finer. Just do us a favor, please…offer us a glass when we’re done. okay? Honestly, you just get to relax as the hot Texas sweat pours… Continue reading The Roofing Process

Why Worry About Roof Maintenance?

Results of Roof Maintenance Neglect Shingles are flat, overlapping items that protect the roof from water and other damaging elements. Shingles are typically constructed of wood, slate, asphalt or composite materials. Staples or roofing nails are typically used to keep shingles in place. It usually takes s few days for a roofing contractor Houston to… Continue reading Why Worry About Roof Maintenance?